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request for administrative remedy


Form bp 9 bp 229 - fill online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller

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an inmate's guide to administrative remedy requests at federal prisons

Include as much information as possible. • Keep your complaint in the event that you need to submit an Administrative Remedy. • If you have a concern for a family or friend who worked in your facility, tell them to contact You-Know-Who's department. • Inform your supervisor or other members with relevant responsibilities what happened and why you believe it was wrong. REFER: FORM BP-1. If you do not have a supervisor or other member of the medical personnel staff, submit a complaint to the supervisor in question. In cases involving medical personnel, the supervisor should be referred to on the form. If you do not believe you have any support, submit the form to the Human Resources Department or a Supervisor. You-Know-Who's department is responsible for investigating complaints pertaining to medical personnel issues or injuries. If you submit a complaint to them, they will investigate it and either: Issue you with a formal.

Bop forms - federal bureau of prisons

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